La Serenissima announce St John’s Smith Square residency

2016-17 marks La Serenissima’s first residency with a series of six fabulous progammes taking place in St John’s, Smith Square, London, between September and February.  

The series celebrates the work of some of the finest composers active in key Italian cities during the eighteenth century when so many wealthy and aristocratic tourists made their way around the Italian peninsula as part of the Grand Tour.
The series opens with a performance of The Four Seasons (lunchtime) in September and closes with The Italian Job in February, 2017.  In between, we will be visiting Venice (October), Bologna and Verona (November), Rome (December) and Naples (January 2017).  

The Bolognese/Veronese evening features music for trumpets and strings by Bononcini and Torelli in works written for the Basilica of San Petronio.  In addition there will be superb concertos by Verona’s Dall’Abaco and a cracking Chaconne by Brescianello of Bologna.  This programme will also tour to Nottingham and Bradford-on-Avon.

In December, we spend Christmas in Rome with concertos written by Corelli, Locatelli and also Vivaldi, whose Concerto per la Santissima Natale formed part of Cardinal Ottoboni’s Roman music library.  Without a doubt, the jewel in the crown will be a Christmas cantata by Antonio Caldara for three voices, chorus, strings and continuo, one of three such works that he composed during his stay in Rome during the 1710s; to our knowledge, this piece has yet to receive a modern performance.  The edition for the work has been made by Artistic Director Adrian Chandler from a contemporary manuscript in the archive of the Royal Academy of Music, London.

In January, we move to Naples where we are treated to music by both Scarlattis, Leo, Porpora and Durante.  Vladimir Waltham takes up the reins of Porpora’s G major cello concerto whilst we will be joined by recorder and trumpet for the final piece in the programme.  Full works listings may be found by following the links below:

The Four Seasons:


Bologna & Verona:



The Italian Job:

Verona/Bologna tour dates:


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