Repertoire Lists

These lists represent repertoire that has been performed by La Serenissima.
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Sonata2COriginal title: Suonata a Solo fatto per Monsieur Pisendel
CD: AV0018
violin & continuo
Sonata3CManchester Sonata 1violin & continuo
Sonata754CManchester Sonata 12violin & continuo
Sonata815CModern premiere given by La Serenissimaviolin & continuo
Sonata5cviolin & continuo
Sonata6cOriginal title: Suonata a Solo fatto per Monsieur Pisendel
CD: AV0018
violin & continuo
Sonata10Dviolin & continuo
Sonata11DGraz Sonata 3
Reconstruction: Adrian Chandler
CD: Linn Records CKD 281
violin & continuo
Sonata798DModern premiere given by La Serenissimaviolin & continuo
Sonata816DModern premiere given by La Serenissimaviolin & continuo
Sonata12dManchester Sonata 2violin & continuo
Sonata13 (= RV Anh.97)dBy J. H. Romansviolin & continuo
Sonata14d2/3violin & continuo
Sonata15dviolin & continuo
Sonata19FOriginal title: Suonata a Solo fatto per Monsieur Pisendel
CD: AV2308
violin & continuo
Sonata20F2/4violin & continuo
Sonata26gviolin & continuo
Sonata27g2/1violin & continuo
Sonata28gviolin & continuo
Sonata757gManchester Sonata 3violin & continuo
Sonata29AOriginal title: Suonata a Solo fatto per Monsieur Pisendel
CD: AV2308
violin & continuo
Sonata31A2/2violin & continuo
Sonata758AManchester Sonata 6violin & continuo
Sonata32a2/12violin & continuo
Sonata35b5/4violin & continuo
Sonata37bGraz Sonata 2
Reconstruction: Adrian Chandler
CD: Linn Records CKD 281
violin & continuo
Sonata809CNot by Vivaldirecorder & continuo
Sonata53coboe & continuo
Sonata60C2 violins & continuo
Sonata61C1/32 violins & continuo
Sonata63d1/12'Follia'2 violins & continuo
Sonata64d1/82 violins & continuo
Sonata67e1/22 violins & continuo
Sonata68FBass optional2 violins & continuo
Sonata70FBass optional2 violins & continuo
Sonata71GBass optional2 violins & continuo
Sonata73g1/12 violins & continuo
Sonata74g2 violins & continuo
Sonata75A1/92 violins & continuo
Sonata77B flatBass optional2 violins & continuo
Sonata78Bflat1/102 violins & continuo
Sonata79b1/112 violins & continuo
Sonata80 (= RV Anh. 101)GNot by Vivaldi
Trio82Clute, violin & continuo
Sonata83cviolin, 'cello & continuo
Concerto?84Dflute, violin & continuo
Trio85glute, violin & continuo
Sonata86aCD: AV2201treble recorder, bassoon & continuo
Concerto88Cflute, oboe, violin, bassoon & continuo
Sonata801Cflute, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto91Dflute, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto92Dtreble recorder, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto95aD'La Pastorella'
CD: AV0031
3 violins & continuo
Concerto100FCD: AV2178flute, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto102GNot by Vivaldiflute, 2 violins & continuo
Concerto104g'La notte'
CD: AV2218
flute, 2 violins, bassoon & continuo
Concerto106gflute, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto107gflute, oboe, violin, bassoon & continuo
Concerto108atreble recorder, 2 violins & continuo
Concerto114CParis Concerto 5
CD: AV2178
strings & continuo
Concerto802C'Improvisata'strings & continuo
Concerto119cParis Concerto 3
CD: AV2178
strings & continuo
Concerto123Dstrings & continuo
Concerto124D12/3strings & continuo
Concerto127dParis Concerto 8
CD: AV2218
strings & continuo
Concerto129d'Madrigalesco'strings & continuo
Sonata130E flat'Al Santo Sepolcro'strings & continuo
Concerto133eParis Concerto 2
CD: AV2218
strings & continuo
Concerto/Sinfonia134eCD: AV2128strings & continuo
Concerto143fstrings & continuo
Sinfonia147Gstrings & continuo
Concerto150GParis Concerto 11
CD: AV2218
strings & continuo
Concerto151G'Alla rustica'strings & continuo
Concerto155gViolin solo in 3rd and 4th movementsstrings & continuo
Concerto156gstrings & continuo
Concerto157gParis Concerto 1
CD: AV2178
strings & continuo
Concerto158Astrings & continuo
Concerto160AParis Concerto 7strings & continuo
Concerto163B flat'Conca'
CD: AV2201
strings & continuo
Sinfonia169b'Al Santo Sepolcro'strings & continuo
Concerto185C4/7Second violin solo in movements
2 - 4
CD: AV2178
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto191CCD: AV2287violin, strings & continuo
Concerto208D'Grosso Mogul'
CD: AV2287
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto210D8/11violin, strings & continuo
Concerto211DCD: AV2178violin, strings & continuo
Concerto212D'Concerto per la Solennita della S. Lingua di S. Antonio in Padua, 1712'
CD: AV2063
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto230D3/9violin, strings & continuo
Concerto240dviolin, strings & continuo
Concerto243d'Senza cantin'
CD: AV2128
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto254E flatCD: AV2128violin, strings & continuo
Concerto269E8/1'La Primavera'
2 solo violins in movement 1; 1 solo violin in movement 3
CD: AV2344
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto270E'Per il S. Natale'
violin, strings & continuo
CD: AV2201
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto278eCD: AV2257violin, strings & continuo
Concerto281eviolin, strings & continuo
Concerto286F'Per la Solennita di S. Lorenzo'violin, strings & continuo
Concerto292FCD: AV2063violin, strings & continuo
CD: AV2344
violin, strings & continuo
CD: AV2344
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto310G3/3CD: AV2106violin, strings & continuo
Concerto312GFirst movement only reconstructed Adrian Chandler
CD: AV2201
treble recorder, strings & continuo
CD: AV2344
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto334g9/3violin, strings & continuo
Concerto353Aviolin, strings & continuo
Concerto358a9/5violin, strings & continuo
Concerto363B flat'Il Corneto da Posta'violin, strings & continuo
Concerto365B flatCD: AV2218
Both versions of finale included on recording
violin, strings & continuo
Concerto367B flatCD: AV2287violin, strings & continuo
Concerto370B flatCD: AV2128violin, strings & continuo
Concerto 387bviolin, strings & continuo
Concerto418a'cello, strings & continuo
Concerto425Cmandolin, strings & continuo
Concerto431ad'Il Gran Mogol'
First modern performance by La Serenissima
CD: AV2218
flute, strings & continuo
CD: AV2178
flute, strings & continuo
Concerto435G10/4flute, strings & continuo
Concerto438GCD: AV2178
Late version of finale
flute, strings, bassoon & continuo
Concerto439g10/2'La Notte'flute, strings & continuo
Concerto440aCD: AV2218flute, strings & continuo
Concerto443Csopranino recorder, strings & continuo
Concerto445aCD: AV2201sopranino recorder, strings & continuo
Concerto447Coboe, strings & continuo
CD: AV2178
bassoon, strings & continuo
Concerto473CCD: AV2218bassoon, strings & continuo
Concerto477CCD: AV2257bassoon, strings & continuo
CD: AV2201
bassoon, strings & continuo
Concerto488FCD: AV2178bassoon, strings & continuo
Concerto500aCD: AV2201bassoon, strings & continuo
Concerto507C2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto512D2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto515E flat2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto516G2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto519A3/52 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto520AReconstruction: Adrian Chandler
CD: AV0031
2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto522a3/82 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto524B flat2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto526B flatReconstruction: Adrian Chandler
CD: AV2201
2 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto530B flat9/9CD: AV22012 violins, strings & continuo
Concerto532G2 mandolins, strings & continuo
Concerto533C2 flutes, strings & continuo
Concerto535d2 oboes, strings & continuo